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  • To support the youth in Tanzania for Training, planning and understanding of their needs and persuade them to engage in environmental conservation skills.
  • Being a sign among the agents of Youth Work (NGO’s) in Tanzania inspire them with the African way of living.
  • To promote socio-economic and cultural development grassroot or local community level.
  • To promote social justice by recommending policies and programs which narrow gap between the rich and poor.
  • To establish and promote poverty alleviation economic and social organization, economic and social organization, association, joint projects at National, Regional, District and local community levels among youth.
  • To carry out research and studies on youth poverty related issues.
  • To pay special attention to poverty alleviation programs in favor of disadvantaged groups such as Youth, Women, Widow, Children, Orphans, Elderly, People living with HIV Aids.
  • Managed to plant 5,200 fruit trees to 52 public primary and secondary schools around Lushoto district.
  • Managed go plant 1620 indigenous trees that are water friendly at the Kwemantibwe-Zinge water reservoir to preserve the water source from being dried out by sun light ad being bare. This water source is located at Kwemashai ward, Tanzania.
  • Managed to plant 1,570 fruit trees along Mombo-Lushoto tarmac road with 32 Kilometres long to be eaten for free by all beings.
  • Managed to provide entrepreneurship training to 250 local women who are dealing with VICOBA especially on debt and loan management to grow their business. These local businesswomen were from 8 wards which were Mtae, Sunga, Mbaru, Rangwi, Manolo, Lukozi, Magamba and Lushoto ward.
  • Managed to provide HIV/AIDS education to the form four leaving students at Ubiri, Magamba and Kwemashai secondary schools on the importance of abstaining from early bad sexual relationships that could lead them to be in danger of contracting HIV/AIDS if no protective measures are taken into account for them as a powerful generation of the Nation
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